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Originally Posted by Chappy View Post
I have thought that first strikes were a pretty cool idea for quite a while now, and have been interested in trying them out. Couple of weeks go was the first time i played in a rec group where they were used quite a bit and got shot with them. They hurt a bit more but no big deal there. However, when I got home I found a good sized shard in my mask. It made me pause and think. These things are hard and can break into sharp little pieces... I dunno, made me a bit nervous. I could've slit my wrist with it.
That was my first exposure to the first strike also. I took one to the top of the bean first game of the day. The shell fractured and pinched into my hair and that sucker did NOT want to come out. Is it a safety issue...? I dunno... I'm gonna keep playing, anyway.

Also, since when does a DAM qualify for a Pumps & Pistols game???

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