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So back to that calendar thingy ...

-SCAR game next Sunday (June 16, RI).
-Splatttttttland game scheduled for Sunday also, or should we cancel???
-June 16 is also Father's Day if that matters.

-Evil will advise us of a potential SCAR game for the northeners to come down.

-Next Big event is EMR (July 20-21, PA)

Do we want to add anything between June 16 - July 20???
I know several of us have other stuff to attend to during this time so maybe just take a break for 3 weeks?
Up to y'all.

-Also, made 8/11 our MCB @ OSG day.
Speak up if that is good/bad and I will confirm with our friends at OSG.


Bold = confirmed events (some of us are attending)
Non-Bold = proposed dates/events

March 17 - Splatttttttland, MA
Awesome day. Thanks to everyone that made it.

April 21 - Splatttttttland, MA
Game, followed by get together. Again, awesome day. Thank you.

May 5 - Spring TAC game, Strategy Plus, CT
Once again another awesome time.

May 26 - byop day @ OSG
Come all ye unwashed masses (pumps optional)

June 2 - Spaltttttttland, MA
Another fun day. Thank you.

June 2 - AG 25th Anniversary Game, NH

June 8 - Gravity League Event #2, Lee NH

next up?

June 16 - Splatttttttland, MA
We still doing this???

June 16 - SCAR, RI
Bring yer arsenal...

July 20-21 - EMR Pump Pandemonium, PA
*overnight Fri/Sat
*Pump Castle Conquest - Sat
*Night Games - Sat night
*Red vs Blue Big Game - Sun

August 11 - MCB Day at OSG, NH
Pump play followed by Pumpers against the angry hordes Castle finale.
Let's make this happen.

September 15 - Stock Class Game, Splatttttttland
International Tourney of Stock Class Champions Invitational Event

October 13 - Fall TAC game, Strategy Plus, CT ?
*overnight camping Sat

October 20 - MCB Day at OSG, NH ?
or Splatttttttland, MA or RI game?
membership has its privileges

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