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Field report 1

I'm going to try and keep everyone who visits this forum updated on what's
happening out at the field. In order to do this I'm counting on those of you
who are there to post your updates to your Facebook page and I'll repost
them here as they come in. Here's what I've captured overnight.

As predicted it looks like
it's going to be another very hot and humid week. If you
are still en route, or planning to arrive later, be sure you
put down the soda and start drinking more water and be
sure to bring at least a case or two along with you.

Field Report #1

Travis Posey

Monday T.O.G. - Battle for Caen:
This was a game of capture and change the flag (2 color PVC
pipe on a t-post). They had 5 flags 3 in the middle of Caen
spread around and 1 within 80 feet of respawn. Game on the
Commonwealth Forces hard charged the left flank while the
82nd hard charged the right flank. Results we took the city
in record time, capturing all flag stations within 5 minutes.
We repelled multiple German counter attacks and pushed
them back to their flag. Game was reset after 30 minutes.

Game 2. The Germans got their act together and advanced
more quickly occupying the whole of Caen. 82nd AB again
maneuver up the east flank and broke through their lines
and got in behind the Germans and it was quick clean up.

After another hour, everyone was tired and hot and low on
logistics (paint/air/water) and there were no more Germans
to shoot. They called the game.

82nd AB performed outstanding. Firing and maneuvering
and securing our objectives. So pumped this year and so
excited about the rest of you coming out.

Its going to be tough for the Germans this year having to
deal with us!


Sam Kinnett

Hey guys kick some German ***. I know you will. Sorry that
I could not make it this year. Will just make next year that
more epic. Hey Shawn Noble, John Brogie, Eric Engler, Michael
Horton, Robert Horton. Keep me posted with the weeks progress.
I really want to know now much *** your kicking.

Travis Posey

Seeker took video, he will probably upload post event.

Winston Churchill - We Shall Never Surrender - YouTube&fs=1" width="644" height="390">Winston Churchill - We Shall Never Surrender - YouTube&fs=1" />Winston Churchill - We Shall Never Surrender - YouTube"> Churchill - We Shall Never Surrender - YouTube

Michael James

Get em this week Commonwealth!

Daniel Moreno Jones

Made to D-Day and gosh are the stars clear tonight.

Brian Cassell

For the past year I've been completely content with have
one thing on my mind constantly. Now that I'm here I have
something else on my mind every day. This is not a bad

Andy Wofford German SAC

One more night and I'm gone hanging out with great people
from all over the world is the best part of the week.

Peggy Lierheimer D-Day Staff member

Okay... it's almost midnight and I had to come back to
WC to pick up my cell phone charger. I'm expecting to
be internet deficient until Sunday, so don't anybody post
anything cool or funny.... wouldn't want to miss a thing!
Oh by the way.... I am at Oklahoma D-Day for those of
you who did not know.

Christopher Long

And we're off...D-Day bound. ETA 1045 am.

Michael Alexander Quinn

Well today was a good day! I played the Caen game with
my Mech S5. And I only short stroked it a few time lol
still had fun and still shot ALOT of people. Just FYI. If you
guys call or text I'm sorry if I don't reply. Service out here
sucks and I'm away from my phone a lot.

Anyways tomorrow morning Airfield. Hell yes!!

Josh Morhardt

This is heaven on earth at D-Day Adventure Park with good
friends and good times.

Deangelo Reyes

I wish I could be in two places at once.:/

Lance Griffith

If you want something enough that you settle for close
enough, then you didn't want it bad enough. Its all or

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