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Field report 3


Travis Posey Commanding General, 82nd Airborne Division.

Airfield Game Tuesday AM - This was a game of take as much ground
as you can, drive the other team off the field and you win. The 82nd
AB and 101 AB made up the bulk of the Allies and we faced off against
a hand full of Germans and the Commonwealth. It was an even match
of 60 vs 60 which made the airfield a ton of fun and not to crowded.

We started at the North end of the airfield and the plan was set, 82nd
take left, 101 take right everyone else up the middle. The 82nd faced
off directly with the Common Wealth. We pushed our side hard and
after a very hard fought battle we drove them back to their base and
the refs declared us the victors!

Game 2 - Reset the game and switch sides. Almost everyone on our
side was either out of paint or down to a hopper full. 82nd moved back
to their ..side of the field and again pushed ferociously. The story of
this game was Sheldon Rachuk finally got a hopper that would work
(rotor). He single handedly pushed up the middle to the large shockcrete
building completely occupied by the Germans. Breached the building shot
a 5 year old in the chest at point blank and barrel tagged 4 others before
being eliminated. Very epic! One of the dirty half dozen, female player,
also was fearless and charged the Germans leading the way. Asia, in the
505th also lead the charge from the front lines.

Basically the story of the week so far has been any time I look to the
front lines the 82nd AB is there taking ground! HUAGH!!!

Airborne All the Way!!!

Steven TallnGoofy Eickholt
Pumped to get out there with the 507th for Friday and Saturday games!
Thanks for the updates.

Dom Anable, from Queensland Australia tagged
in Ash Brydon's photo visiting RAP4's Store at D-Day.

Irish Lens Photography photo updates

Robert Horton, 327th GIR "Bastogne Bulldogs"
Rolling out to Tuesday's T.O.G. event.

Nick Winkler

To my Bulldog brothers and sisters. I deeply regret not being able to
be there with you this year. Honestly, June is always the best month
of the year for me specifically because I get to spend my time with
such bad *** and awesome people. But, this year it is not in the cards
for me. I will see you all in 2014. In the meantime, as 1 LT (ret.),
I still expect my scalps. Good luck, and be safe Bulldogs. I love you!

Wiley Meade

Anthony Guerriere

Received his copy of Soldiers Of Paint in the mail today!

Andy Van Der Plaats
J-9, Office of the CofS, SHAEF
"in bello, parvis momentis magni casus intercedunt"
19520 Cotton Bay
North Ft. Myers, FL 33917
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