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Day 3 updates

Robert Horton

Just a quick update: Allies continue to roll T.O.G. games.
All 101 AB units working well together during the minis.
We have about 4 different guys running cameras which
should provide some great video in the coming days/
weeks. Another T.O.G. early tomorrow. More updates

Joseph B Wheeler

Looking forward to seeing it. Man I miss being there.

Robert Horton

Rolling out for Wednesday afternoon's Mini. "Attack of
the Fallschirmjager."

Andrew Fleckenstein 101st AB

God Speed men, have a great time down there and give
em hell on Saturday. I wish me and the Wisconsin crew
could join you all this year.

Irish Lens Photography

Colt Phoenix Dickerson

Hanging out tonight with the CEF brethren at the Indigo Sky
Casino enjoying an exquisite pool and editing some killer
photos from Oklahoma D-Day!!!! hope everyone is enjoying
themselves this week!!!!!


Erick Eaton was tagged in Trevor Convirs's photo.

Andy Van Der Plaats
J-9, Office of the CofS, SHAEF
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