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Yup, it was the trigger adjustment. I added the Jam nut back to the pump rod in order to tighten everything up and be proper, but the problem was indeed the trigger was too tight.
In my OG post, I claimed there was a bit of "pull up", but that was user error. See, I come from cockers and have a nasty habit of letting go of the pump handle, so the trigger would push the bolt/hammer assy. back before finally firing.
What I did was kill two birds... Ok, not literally, but I took the sear off the hammer and cut it at quite an extremely different angle. An angle that gives the sliding trigger nub more leverage against the sear in order to lessen the weight of the trigger pull. The creep increased a slight bit, but the break is a lot lighter and the added clearance fixed the auto auto triggering.
Thanks fellas.
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