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Had a great time. Hung out with ToyBox and his kids (Ace and Squeaker) great bunch of people and Squeaker had the most guts I've ever seen on an 11 year old (she was running with the Blue's Crew most of the day in the thick of the . Game was well organized and well run. Great job by The Discipline Lords as a reffing crew and The Northern Gunmen and Viper for organizing and running things smoothly. Also personal thanks to Viper for addressing my concerns regarding safety at the end of the day. It was found out that a member of the blue team was shooting frozen paintballs at us (I was on red as were jszilvagyi and his kids), another member of blue was found to be shooting an airsoft gun at very high velocity and there were accusations of one member of the blue team shooting small marbles at well over 300fps (massive safety hazard). Much to Viper's credit though he handled my concerns in a professional manner and made me really feel great about him as a person (I have him as a friend on facebook and yack with him fairly often). Other than the schenanigans I just described it was a blast just like last year. I am really looking forward to CC3. Maybe us Canadians can finally kick Mike's .

PS congrats Vapor on getting your award you did a great job as a judge and I look forward to playing again with you next year.

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Pump paintball is cheaper than any drug habit I've ever heard of.

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