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Originally Posted by acrewofone View Post
I messaged the buyer about all this, and all he would say was "these are very rare and almost impossible to find, they made less than a dozen, and in good condition, they sell for over $350, so this auction is very reasonably priced."

...hmm, if Crosman made less than a dozen, how come I have been about to buy/rebuild/resell over 30 of them in the last 3 years?
I also have seen some people ask some crazy prices for these in the past few years.

And I too have probably sold about (5) 3357s in the last 3 years-most of which here on MCB. (FYI: I even have one below in my sales link - in full working order )

Typically in the past, I got around $150-$175.00 range for my working 3357s.

I am currently asking $190.00 SHIPPED on the one I have for sale. I probably won't get that, but I'm asking more now because of these types of prices I've seen on them. Plus I figured asking a little more would give me a little room to negotiate if needed.

But I'm not going to try to totally rip someone off here on MCB. However, maybe I should drop it on eBay and try.
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