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Nel-Spot 007 Original Parts

Hello all,

We are dusting off the shelves. We have a lot of left over original various parts for the very famous Nel-Spot 007.

I do not have a very complete inventory yet. Please contact me if you are looking for something that will help you complete your Nel-Spot 007. You will find these original parts really no where else.

****Update**** 06/26/13 - If you inbox me for a parts request, I ask that you please leave me an email address to contact you. It will be a lot easier to track my communications etc...... Thank you. Charles

I was wondering if there was a market for them here?

We are also preparing some original limited edition chrome/nickle plated Nel-Spot 007's. Never fired never owned. These are signed by engraving by Charlie Nelson himself. I do not know when I will have them ready yet.

Please inbox me if you have any questions or a part you need. I will respond and let you know if we have it left. I have the original gun/parts diagram and have the original assembly/replacement instructions etc.....

We can help you out.

I work M-F 9-5.

Charles Smith
Project Coordinator
The Nelson Paint Company

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