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Originally Posted by maggot View Post
That's exactly the thing. People wearing fore-arm pads, padded jerseys, super loose clothing, etc. are NOT wearing them for safety, regardless of what they tell you. If they were, they would be wearing hard outer shelled pads.
I've gotta disagree on one thing, I started wearing the dye core arm pads recently b/c I play in short sleeve shirt's mostly (it's hot in FL) and I'd either end up scraping the crap out of my forearms or getting nice allergic reactions from crawling through all the vegetation.
I wear those pads for protection, and they are the most comfortable without being bulky. I do benefit from more arm bounces, but those aren't "vital" areas anyway and I usually call myself out on any body/neck/head shot regardless of break.

Basically I agree with you except for forearm pads.

Padding and the requiring a break to be out rule are the major factor for overshooting. As a primarily pistol and pump player, getting unnecessarily lit up by some prick wannabe-speedballer who doesn't know how to fire 1-2 shots at a time, gets old quick.
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