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That shroud is dead weight ditch it bro !
I agree, unfortunately i am used to shooting AR's and I use the entire length of the shroud and some of the barrel. I have two issues, the first is the gun itself. today after about 50 shots it just started to jam. You could actually hear the bold resetting slowly. Like i would just dry shot it and after the second fire, it would start to sound like a moped muffler. If you continued shooting it would jam.

Here is the bigger issue. I paid what, almost 800 plus for the gun, another 100 for the barrel x 2. Another 150 in mags. I think it should fire without breaking. I can live with the occasional, but almost every mag is nonsense. Perhaps the .683 is too tight of a bore, well then tiberius needs to go back and rethink it.

If they can't solve the issue with my gun, there is no way I am buying the T 15. I'll run the DYE. A friend of mine got the lapco barrel for the DAM and he has no issues with the breaking of FS.

I guess I am just pissed the two weekends i wanted to play since i purchased 5 boxes of FS I was left with nothing.
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