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A general's job is hard. Most players who have never participated in a command staff simply do not know the work it takes to be successful at it. Recruiting should be constant from the first second your position is confirmed by the producer all the way until game day. You need knowledge of the field be it through a field walk or prior play on-site. This way you know where you can push players to accomplish certain objectives. Meetings with captains of the teams playing with you to tell them where you need them to be, how to keep in contact, etc. And that's all before you even get on the field come game day.

While I agree paintball is for fun and shouldn't be taken too seriously, as a General you assume responsibility for doing what you can to bring the win home for your team. If you don't want that level of work and responsibility on your shoulders, that's fine, but then you shouldn't take a command position, because then you're ruining the game for the people that want to be competitive.
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