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Originally Posted by Paintballer50505 View Post
Any game that allows people to play with rental equipment is not a competition. No matter how organized a scenario is and how well points are kept the majority of those people playing are there to shoot people and have no clue as to what the score is/ what the missions are/ even who the general and staff is. If yiu want a competition that isn't speedball its called the uwl. Any game that you shoot at kids and their parents who are out with rental equipment and jeans is not something to be taken like a serious competition
So you are saying that all the organized teams and competitive players should leave scenario and head for the UWL? That is why people form teams for the competition of the event. Sure you will have little Johnny and his parents with rental equipment, but they will more than likely be following the crowd to the areas of heavy gun fights at a central focal point on the field. That is what those focal points are designed for, the players who just want to shoot and have fun. The real meat and potatoes of the missions happens outside of that area for the most part. Sure there are missions in the central focal point, but most of them take place outside of the areas of heavy fighting. You may have to slip a mission team through or around the heavy action areas to get to an objective, but that is what helps make it challenging. At least that has been my experience.

Sure there are rentals and walk-ons at scenario games. That doesn't change the fact players are battling back and forth to complete or scrub missions so their side gets or maintains the lead. If they aren't competitions why bother with all the effort? People can just have fun at a no themed event with no missions to complete or objectives to capture. Though, it would make for a waste of space of areas outside the main focal point(s) when the field opens up their entire playing area for that game. Without missions the only reason to go outside of those areas would be to shoot up everyone at the insertion point. But without missions going out every half hour there is no point on doing a base drop except to slow down the flow of troops from the other side.
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