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Originally Posted by DarkShadowHunter View Post
So you are saying that all the organized teams and competitive players should leave scenario and head for the UWL? ..
Ill toss this out (slightly OT). The producer must gear his game towards serving the competitive needs of the teams that want to win but also the novice players and players who are there and just want some excitement and some people to shoot at. Above all, the game must be fun for all.

The competitive team that is there to win the game must keep in mind that most people there are not competing and for whom the score means little to nothing. They are there to have fun, hang out with their friends, get away from the daily grind for a weekend - to RECREATE. It is a recreational format. Drama and overly-competitive people can kill a game that was sold as a recreational event, and in this case - yes - at a point the competitive team should leave the scenario game and go play the UWL or similar that markets itself as a competitive venue for competitively minded people. Just like the tournament team has no place on the recball field. Its bad for business.

Ill quote Ben Torricelli once again: "Important to Remember: Scenario Games are not competitions. They are plays in which we are all cast members. Have fun with the concept, play hard, play to win, play fair, and most of all, enjoy yourself. "
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