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And of corse this. But let's stay on the topic.
The awesome SR-1

Originally Posted by Silverback View Post
Being a 6 year D-Day vet I was pretty miffed this year at D-Day. Basically, THE REFS SUCKED / WEREN'T EVEN AROUND.

When they were there, we got use to the same refrain, over and over; "Deal with it."

We have no water at Omaha; "Deal with it."
Those players are out-of-bounds shooting at us; "Deal with it."
Where is the paint? "Deal with it."

They were so worried about changing up the game, that they failed to train their people and provide the basic needs for the safety of their players.

As a member of the Allied High Command, I will be doing everything in my power to get this fixed, but right now, I am less than hopeful anything will change.
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