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This field is free...Games start at 11am..Come early to walk the field and crono..This is free/NO FIELD FEE's...CO2 is donation..Scuba's on hand to top off (try to remember to get and air fill before you get to the field as it kills a scuba to fill up an empty tank ..(i will bring a 2250 scuba for thoses that have an empty tank ) We have a pretty good amount of tanks that are lined up in a cascade for good top offs all day..Safty meetings are allways givin, no wavers, and no reff's ,..Well do crono all day and require a barrel blocking device..We have lots of shade trees,chairs and tables but feel free to bring your own if you want..
..Since the field is in the foothills the temp should be pretty nice..Im gonna bring a few cases of water and sodas. and have some baloons at the turn in sign to the field...
We have a sink and hose and a Clean porta potty and 20 odd Tippmanns for loaners if you care to bring a newbe..Like i said you can shoot anything as long as keep in mind that this a friendly game and no walking the trigger, bonus balling. Yes, we have females,first timers and kids that play. Game turn around is pretty fast and games are timed at 20mins or so..

Now, the weather should be nice and black widows will be hiding, wind will be calm and no Fast F1s ,F2s or F4s or Hurricans will be expected..Snipers are welcome but please no Bushwackers and of course anyone is welcome at Nelson "based on availabilty"..Iam hopeing to have a few new friends with me., Mr. Mean green, Red barron and my Royal friend blue( He's kinda a spitfire..)

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