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Dark Shocker!! BB'ed, Eigen, CCM and more!

I'm asking $300 paypaled and shipped. FIRM. I'm also going to include all the o-rings that came with the bolt, spare ccm board pin screws, and a mostly full tub of lurker lube. Selling to cover some expenses. NO TRADES. NOT PARTING.

But here she is. Specs:
Dark SFT body
-BB milled by cs900
-tapped for NXT va's by cs900
-eigen bolt
-stock can (best can to use with eigen)
-delrin bolt sleeve
-NDZ adjustable bolt guide
-CCM frame
-Dynasty va (looks cleaner than stock va's)
-Tadao Dynasty M7 board
-Virtue laser eyes
-dye ultralight

Ok, now here's the deal. It isn't fully dialed in yet. I've been manually breaking in the eigen bolt since I haven't been able to spend time at a field due to work. The CCM frame obviously doesn't match, the powercoating is a bit ugly. Finally, the Sidewinder has some plyer marks on the bottom of it (from the last owner).

For an extra $100 I can also include a freshly hydro'd 68/45 Pure Energy tank. Also, for $50 I can include my Halo (white pearl shell, V35 board, rip drive, contract killer backplate, current shell has never seen a field) For $140 I'll include both.
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