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Originally Posted by ICON View Post
I know a few people that have Raw extruded Merlin bodies. I'm 99% sure air soldier products sells them. It makes it more of a Project then it will be a 1 off 1 of a kinda Merlin in the end its an option Buy enough to make front and back block theres your kit use any feed tube you want. For what you save buying it that way get KPCS/Stanchy/JCurt to mill it up for you to be good to go. all 3 of them i know can make it sexy for a decent price Or just have them do the basic stuff for cheaper. Who needs aka even know i still like them.
Good idea, thanks. I was excited about getting an inline merlin. Going the route you suggested would give me a one-off, but not an inline.

Also, can you make a front block and back block from the extrusion? I think that is more than just milling, and would involve welding or getting more extrusion. I would go this route and just make it a mid-block, but getting the front block and banjo bolt seem like big hurdles too. I am not sure if you can just bore out a 2k frontblock to fit it either.
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