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Waiting on GoD.
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I have a I4 right now. I've seen and held the I5 but it can't compete with the S4 which is what I'll be getting soon as soon as I see what apple is bringing out in August. The S4 is vastly superior in all major aspects.

Bigger screen
Faster processor
13meg camera vs 8meg camera
Etc etc.

If u read the tech reviews and talk to the carriers the talk is between the the HTC One and the S4. Critics are speculating that in order for Apple to compete they wouldn't e surprised that the jump straight to the I6 to regain its competitive advantage though its unlikely. An I5S will not be a game changer. Apple stock price has declined YTD something like 20 to 25%.

Their competitors have caught up and I some cases surpassing them.
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