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end of the day we can sit and argue the in theory part of this until the cows come home. Real life is a hell of a lot different. I will grant you that yes bounces do hurt more than paint that's been chilled below ambient. However with that said from personal experience not just at Carnage but having played major tournaments where the chilling of paint made sense (ie it's 35+ degrees out with humidity and the balls are swelling up to .697+_) When the paint was chilled and I got hit with it during tournament play YES it was more brittle no doubt about that. Secondly from personal experience the only time I was every getting actual bleeding cuts was from paint that had been chilled and was excessively brittle. I'll have to see if I can dig it out but I did do some controlled testing years ago shooting fresh paint out of the bag and paint that was from the same case I had chilled into a mask lens from 40-50 feet out while shooting with a high speed cam and when the footage was analyzed later you can clearly see the chilled paint breaking and distributing small sharp shards of shell off as it impacts. The fresh paint because it is not dealing with a super brittle shell around it dissipates more energy into the target and you do not notice this same reaction.

End of the day as I mentioned I stand by my comments and my video. I'm telling it like it is. I should see if I can contact the members of the Blue's Crew I was running with on the red team that at one point of the day once they figured out what was being shot at us literally said F it we're not going back out until final battle and I'll tell ya having played with Blue's Crew at a number of events it takes A LOT to get them to pack it in and not play. They are literally the guys that will rally a team and do the kick the pole thing to push an enemy team out of their HQ. Due to the poor sportsmanship on Blue team's part though they saw what was going on, we all discussed it, and in the end it was determined to be a safety hazard that we would not be taking part in. Given I had been running with them all day and have a lot of respect for them as players I stood by them and didn't go out for the last 40 minutes or so before final battle.

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