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Not a lot of interchangeable parts between procarbs and 98's besides some springs, orings, and detents. The spring you want for the trigger isn't a prolite. You either want a sl68 spring or an m98 or early model c98 trigger spring.
If you are missing the endcap, you may as well replace it with a rear velocity adjuster. You can try to track down a nice jcs, or one o the other aftermarket pieces. I have some stock escapes that I drilled for rva, I'd sell you one cheap if you're interested. They only adjust about 30 fps, but they work. I've got a few other bits as well, New detent and hammer bumper for instance, that would help with your rebuild. Pm me if your interested .
I bought my procarb in 05, one of the last on the new market. It was "obsolete" then, but 8 years later its still one of my primaries. Lightened hammer , rva , spring kit, dye one piece aluminum barrel, and drilled out powertube. Its as accurate and consistent as anything else, and quieter than most.

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