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Elite Action Sports, new field in NE Ohio

I went out to Elite and played at their Grand Opening yesterday, I had a great time. The day started off with some light rain so I played with my OC Sterling. There wasn't a big Paintball turn out (I think due to the rain) there was only 8 baller's who showed up. On the other-hand there was a pretty big Airsoft turn-out, 60 I believe, which kind of limited the baller's to only 1 woods ball field. We played around 14 to 15 games in the 4 hours we played. After the 6th game the sun came out and it was very pleasant, throughout the day I switched to my SC Sterling. One thing that's nice about the field we were playing on is there are plenty of bunkers which give some great angles for taking shots but keeping you covered well. The 1 downfall is it's a little bit of a hike to get back to the fields. After we were done playing one of the guy's who is helping set up the fields took me on a tour, he was telling me (as we were going on the tour) the fields are set up so they can be broken down into many fields depending on the size of the turn-out. There are only 2 other fields that are currently made but each of those fields can be broken down into at least 2 to 3 fields and there's much more land to be developed into many more fields (almost 1 mile of area over-all) plus there's some open land that's in the process of being made for Tournament size/style fields. While talking to the owner it seems like he wants to have at least 3 if not 4 Tournament/Speed Ball fields. It will defiantly be nice once all of this develops but of course it all takes time and money.

I took some pictures of the field we played, the first 3 are from the East end starting point:

These next 3 are from the West end starting point:


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