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Nice sneak through the woods, its an awesome experience when you get inside of where most players think hostiles 'can't be', they never look to the sides and are not paying attention to anything until they get 'near the front line'. But yeah, a sense of time is also needed, to know when to just say, 'screw it' and make that final break b/c there is only a few minutes left, i usually try to have some form of time keeping device handy so i can periodically check the time if i think its getting close.

Was happy to see you you did it legit that time as opposed to the slightly less kosher method of basically dead-man-walking into their base, then walking INTO the netted safe zone with no barrel plug and pointing the gun AT ppl with NO MASKS. (ref should have penalized you for that offense, as it was a purposeful move). Regardless of air source on/off, most fields don't like markers with rounds in the chamber anywhere near any place where a player might not have a mask, regarless of if the air source is turned 'off' or not. I would also stop touting that whole move as it encourages players to shoot suspected dead ppl before being able to truly confirm their status. Sadly, if i ever do play with you again, i will be shooting everyone who appears to be dead, just b/c you seem to encourage players to act dead to get the advantage. Only one way to be sure with that play style is to shoot first, ask later. Unfortunate, but there it is.

But you cover alot of the good pointers in that vid. Luck has a LOT to do with it as well. Not a fan of Blip, but didn't have a choice as you didn't have this anywhere obvious on YouTube.

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