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My advice is to never advertise or give out the address to anyone other than trusted friends. This wont stop friends from potentialy sueing but it will limit trouble makers from just showing up. Think of it like, "The first rule about paintball club, is NO ONE talks about paintball club!" As you or your trusted friends meet people that may be interested in playing you can slowly add to the team/player group. A couple teams where im from ran into issues with local authorities concerning zoning and operating without a business lincence, etc etc. Every state/county is different so just look into the local laws. The way some look at it is that if its something that 'could' make money it should be taxed or regulated even though its not a for profit field. Also make the bunkers so they can be broken down and taken away in a days work in case anyone(local gov) tells you they want to inspect the field you can tear everything out and say there isnt a field to inspect. Also just like at any field be extra cautious of safety rules like mask on, on the field and bag blocker off the field, make everyone watch out for everyone else and do buddy checks constantly.
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