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After all the glowing praise here on MCB about Tonsixers in Canada, I attempted contacting them about this very question, and received zero response. I sent 2 MCB PMs and one Facebook PM. When a vendor can't be bothered to reply to a simple question, then it raises a flag in my book about their ability to follow through on any work.

After Tonsixers fell through, I found FX anodizing. I haven't contacted them yet, but am planning on doing so. Seems like they have a good rep so far. I need bare aluminum ano'd in addition to getting a factory CCI silver dust/matte re-ano'd, so I'm hoping they can help, and getting a re-ano done won't be an issue.

FX Anodizing Facebook page...
Authorized CCI Dealer Specializing in Phantom Repairs and Upgrades
Serving the Greater Fairfield and New Haven County Area of CT only

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