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Just want to say, if I go to JerseyTrailRider's field or Redarmy's field and I break a bone or twist my ankle or catch zombie death flu from one of these ridiculous NJ death hawk mosquitos, I still won't be filing a lawsuit. No one put a gun to my head and told me to go play paintball. I did it of my own volition and have an I.Q. high enough to understand that anything that happens on the field is the direct result of my own actions.

You haven't even built the field yet and already sound worried about what someone might do to YOU because of something foolish THEY did. Let me point out that taking a trip to a lawyer who specializes in the laws of your state and drafting a loophole free pain waiver is way more cost effective than constantly paying an insurance company to cover your "what ifs".

Assuming of course, you follow all standard safety regulations such as velocity control, barrel blocking devices in appropriate areas so on and so forth. Which I know you will, because you're an awesome dude.*

*Opinions about being an awesome dude are not endorsed by the MelvinCo. LLC parent company or subsidiaries, and are not stated as fact, merely as conjecture. Any injury obtained while reading this statement falls solely on you, the reader. Side effects may include blindness, the ability to see in the dark, constipation, anal seepage, amputation, the growth of extra appendages, diabeetus, increased alcoholism, conversion of religion, inconvenient erections, Agateophobia, Alektorophobia, and/or uncontrollable blinking. Use at your own risk. Active ingredients may include soy, dairy, russian horse steroids, or peanuts. Positive results typical in users between the ages of 0-109 are not based on reality, but "numbers" which may lie, depending on how much your god loves and/or hates you. Do not take advice if you are already using an MAOI or thioridazine, as increased chances of multiple side effects may occur. Direct all questions to our legal department which we have outsourced to a country that does not speak english.
Originally Posted by GauchoRockero
I see you on every phantom related thread

Things I would like to purchase with American dollars:
1: Dragon barrel plugs!
2: Skanline VTS for a VM68

I moved across the country, if you live in Louisiana hit me up!
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