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Originally Posted by Charon214 View Post
Hey guys, I plan on getting an MR5 soon as a cheap designated FS rifle and converting it to 12 grams. I've heard it gets 20-30 shots per cartridge and I want a few more shots than that so I was wondering, can you run 2 cartridges in series? I've worked with hpa mostly so I'm a bit stumped by liquid co2. I was hoping to run 2 12 gram changers to an inline Palmer's reg but my main questions are: will it actually give me twice the shots and will that cause any issues with the reg?
its no different than replacing the 12 gram with a tank. wont cause any issues. It will double your shot count. It might even give you more shots as you are not venting the first before you consume the second. Mind you, if you do decide to dump them you will loose twice as much gas.

I don't think there is any physical way to run 12 grams in series. They would be in parallel unless you plan on punching a hole in the bottom of one
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