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Originally Posted by gainman View Post
its not really any better or easier. just as much work either way. and the 4bt is a better motor than the d4d
If he swaps for a 97, it'd be a KZ, not a D4D. That being said, it depends on whether we're talking about those engines with or without aftermarket headers. Both of them **** header gaskets if they spend any significant time at North American highway speeds and stock cooling, but an aftermarket header and gasket solves that. They're also quieter and more efficient than the 4BT, not to mention quite a bit more powerful.

Plus, and I don't know if this would be a problem with a heavier 4Runner, but a lot of guys who do 4BT swaps into Jeeps and use them mainly as DDs/weekend wheelers say it wasn't worth it because the engine never gets under enough stress to really run as efficiently, and they wind up not getting any better mileage than the 4.0L.
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