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Bills have me bunkered sale!!! SCAR, MP7, T8.1, phenom, mag fed.

Hey everyone!!!

Here's the deal; on 02/18/13 while at work I tore my bicep from the bone, and since it happened at work I am on workers compensation which pays me 65% of my base pay. Which wouldn't be too bad to survive on for a brief period, however its been almost 5 months and I am still waiting on the insurance company to schedule my surgery and even after the surgery my doc says it's going to be another 3-4 months of rehab before returning to work.
So to make a long story not as long, the bills keep coming, the wife's job started cutting back her hours and that light at the end of the tunnel has yet to shine

So the wife says I must make a sacrifice and give up something I love, and when I told her I'd miss her and the kids, well that's not what she meant. So without further delay here is what I am selling:

I am selling 3 different lots, everthing works and looks good (see pics), I am NOT looking to trade or Part Out at the moment as I am in dire need of funds.
Free shipping in the continental US, and I accept PayPal only.

Lot 1 : Phenom SCAR lot: $550 shipped
Tippmann X7 Phenom
Tacamo mag conversion kit (marker custom milled to accept Milsig square head magazines & First strike)
Milsig smoke 20 round magazines with square heads x 6 (awesome no balls ejecting in mag pouch)
Milsig smoke First strike mag (FS not as trouble free as I'd hoped in marker)
Tippmann SCAR assault sights & stock
SenarioArms SCAR foregrip (hard to find)
Magpul picatinny sling mount
Magpul AFG2
Magpul mag assist x 8
Drop Down foregrip
UTG picatinny tri mount 1" riser
UGT picatinny rail covers
PEQ15 clone with laser & tactical light
EoTech clone holo sight
Apex2 barrel
Lapco BigShot Assault barrel
Hammerhead barrel tip
Killjoy trigger
Houge grip
stainless valve pins
Original Phenom shells
& custom painted by me

Lot 2 : T8 Mp7 lot: **SOLD**
Tiberius T8 **SOLD**
Opsgear Opposing Force MP7 shroud
Lapco magazine release
Lapco Str8 Shot Barrel
Lapco wirecutter tip
Folding drop down foregrip (closest to the real thing, no gaps)
Magpul flip up front & rear sights
Ladder picatinny rail covers
EoTech clone holo sight
Magpul picatinny sling mount
8 round magazines x 2
Extended magazine x2
Remote line adapter on one extended mag.

Lot 3 : T8.1 Hitman **SOLD**
Tiberius T8.1 **SOLD**
Killjoy trigger
Lapco Str8 shot barrel
Lapco threaded barrel tip
8 round magazines x 6
Lapco magazine release
2 First Strike red springs
Case & whatever is left over in parts kit.

Everything is or best offer & please PM me if ya got any questions. These were my loadout and babies and I put in twice the $$$$ I'm asking and hate that I have to sell. Thanks for looking

My MCB Feedback!!!

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