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Just to add some to what I put in the PM,
The Stroker's weight isn't as big a factor to me in a primary. Even a Mini with even a tiny HPA tank on it weighs more than a stroker.

As Heebs and others said, 10 round tubes are the best case scenario. A tag8mag weighs as much or more as a full 100rd pod. Using the new quick change adapters, I am able to use my TAG as a primary in open play, but I don't unless someone is using my G2. Tubes rock, not only because they are so light and fluffy, but because harnesses have been developing for them for 20 years instead of 1 or 2. I do like it for a backup gun though. Some people are thrown off by the grip... The purpose behind people caring about this in real guns is managing recoil, however the TAG has effectively no recoil, so even people with small hands(I know a 12 year old who uses this as his primary, and hits well) can learn to shoot it perfectly. Though it does seem odd at first, it works fine.

The strokers and squalls, as I said IMO!, with the 'RP' style feed would be nice, but the stock ones reload just like a $100 overlord! There's a minimum speed you have to be able to reload in, whether you're using a pistol or an EGO08. If you take too long, people can move on you, this minimum has no mercy. I've seen a lot of people quit playing pistol over the years, never knowing if they could only reload a second or so faster, they'd be back up to fight, instead of hit reloading.
With the 'RP' feed, a squall would have no equal, given my style of play. I'm frankly surprised noone has had one made yet, it seems so obvious a quantum leap for the gun to me. That feed system is the only thing that keeps the Sydarm from being a novelty.

I like my Cheapo zeus types, because of their simplicity and how easy they are to work on. They are effective and dependable as long as you can be your own airsmith, since the customer service contest between Ariakon, Miltec, Core, 32degrees, psychoballistics and Warsensor for who can be the worst in the industry is still going strong.

A sleeper choice would be the new AFT, which combines the PMI USP with the magazine system of the AFT:

However $375 is a joke for PB play. - Equipment for the Professional - 1-888-569-5444

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