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I figure it's about time I start a feedback thread. I think I will keep a running list of my guns here too. Some guns I keep for a while and know like the back of my hand. Some I move quickly and don't know too much about. Feel free to pm if you have questions about one of them, I may be able to help you.

2x PCS US 5, Piranha GTI, Piranha USP, Viewloader Orion, 4x GoG EnMEY, Alpha Black x6, Project Salvo x3, Tippmann pre 2011 A 5 x6, Tippmann TCR, 15x TiPX, TPX, TMC, Pro Lite, Pro Carbine, MK5, BT 4 x7, BT SA-17 x2, Rap4 METS, Rap 4 LE (Kind of, it got snatched at the border), Ram Combat x3, Ram P99 x4, Ram 226 x4, Ram Desert Eagle, Rap 17, 05 Spyder Pilot, 05 Spyder Fenix, Bob Long Millenium Spyder, T-Storm, Stryker, JT Tactical, T8 x3, T9, T8.1, MRX, MR5, MR6, Milsig MK3 x4, Milsig M series Elite, Milsig K series Mk 2, Milsig k series Mk 2 elite, Milsig k series Mk 1, Milsig M 17 CQC x4, Milsig M17 XDC x4, Milsig Desert M17 Elite x2, Kingman Chaser x3, Hammer 7 x4, 1 of 3 Engler Customs M60E3, ATS AT 85 x2, 2002 Prostock Autococker, 2003 Prostock Autococker, 2004 WGP Prostock Autococker, 2000+? RF Autococker, WGP Outcast autococker, pumped 2005 superstock, 2005 Prostock x2, Orracle Drallion Frankencocker, Goblin Solo x2, Crosman 3357 x2, Empire Sniper, PB Revolution Empire Sniper, Empire Resurrection, PT Extreme x3, ER2, Minimag, Line SI Bushmaster, PGP2, Sheridan KP3, CCI VSC Phantom, Palmer's Hurricane, tgr 2 x2, mk 56, Ariakon Overlord, PMI 2

And the feedback:

Here is my Ebay: mattmaniac95 on eBay

Here is my MCB:

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