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Originally Posted by Skipdogg View Post
I'm already prepared to hate the show for what they are going to do to Carl's character. He spent the first two season's being a helpless kid that the group had to constantly account for and watch over....which annoyed me, but it was understandable. Then in season 3 he finally is able to take care of himself, and comes into his own as a Bada$$. But, of course, thats bad. In a zombie apocalypse you shouldnt be that....unless your Daryl, Michonne, Tyrese, etc. So this season its gonna be all about "oh no, Carl is too Bada$$"

so yeah, not looking forward to that all season.
for all we know though IF carl is thrown into that budding badass you and others may fear hes going to be it may be only a few episodes.. the whole struggle between wrong/right ect..

his father found the happy medium of helping and needing to get **** done when dirty work needs to get done.. hopefully carl finds this happy medium .. just enough of a badass to keep those around him safe,not to much of a bad *** that thinks he can go rouge all the tine and go.missing for days before checking in..
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