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Originally Posted by maggot View Post
It's different for you b/c you are new here and don't know him or anybody else. I've been buying his products for 5 years, talked with him on the phone, exchanged countless emails. He is a nice person and will hopefully come through eventually.
I guess I'm trying to explain why most of us are not going to join with you and grab a pitchfork to lynch a friend of ours. I'm not there yet.
P.S. taking police action will make it much more unlikely that you will ever get anything back.
Maggot's 100% right. Look at Jeremy's feedback and you'll see that it's happened before - he just gets backed up and it takes forever for stuff to get done. He also seems to jump from job to job without finishing the last one which isn't the best way to do contracts in my experience but he's got to do what he thinks is best.

Police action never helps. Just give him some time to get stuff done and get to the post office. I know waiting sucks - been waiting since October. In fact, the only reason I joined this site was to message Jeremy lol. I know me saying "just wait" doesn't help, but the police really won't help lol.


Originally Posted by HurtCow View Post
Happens to me every time I go down on my sister. I told her to take care of that ****.

(Wait... what section is this in?!?)
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