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When a teenage ref looks at your pristine STO and says "WOAH! That gun is beautiful. What is it?"

When you bring three 'Cockers to the field just to increase your odds that one of them will work right that particular day.

When a teenager asks what kind of gun it is, you tell him it's an Autococker, and you are completely dumbfounded when he responds "What's an Autococker? I've never heard of that." I mean, I can understand people having never shot, or even seen one...but to have never heard the name...!?

When you buy an '02 specifically to convert to a Sniper, then time it, shoot it, and realize that it works so beautifully that you can't bring yourself to do the conversion.

When your gun shoots PERFECTLY at the field...and 6 hours later leaks like crazy from the 3-way when you're dry firing it at home. (I'm assuming the o-rings need replacing or lubing, since it's an '01 that looks like it's been sitting unused for the last 12 years.)

When you see a thread title in BST about Freeflows, FBMs, and other really cool 'Cockers...only to be disappointed when you realize you're in the pump gun section.
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