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My Daughter, Paintball, and Pistols/Pumps

My 13-year-old daughter has been begging me to take her out the next time I go. I'll be meeting up with a group of other MCB members for a pistols & pumps game in Linglestown, PA. While I plan on taking my Phantom (which is as old as she is... and almost as loved ), I let her try out my other markers for size. Even holding my old Spyder, she looked uncomfortable with the size and weight (which eliminated the Bob Long Signature Series Cocker altogether). I'm looking at cheap alternatives for her that will also allow us to play pistols/pumps together. I'm considering the JT ER2 as it's small, cheap, and a pump pistol. I've also considered picking up a PGP if I can find one at a fair price in case she doesn't like paintball (I've always wanted a PGP anyway). Then there's the original Splatmaster. Enough said on that. What do you guys think? I'm looking for something to fit the bill, be dirt cheap (< $50), and be something I'd want myself in case she doesn't like paintball. Thanks!
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