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Originally Posted by shredxcam View Post
I mean use the g1 just take the board out and replace it with the mech valve and trigger?
Exactly. That might be the best route at this point since Gog seems to not be in any hurry to release the G-1M. You would think that typically "scenario" and "woods" players are more into mechanical guns. Why wouldn't they release their mechanical gun with the "scenario/woods" styled body? It looks like all they need to do is make a new mold for the trigger frame to accomodate the mech trigger and possibly a new mold for the body for mounting the trigger valve. Otherwise, everything should be the same as the G-1 and the eNMEy cooresponding parts. I don't get what is taking them so long. Do they think it won't sell?

Originally Posted by henchman View Post
Or get the breach threaded and add a Lapco milsim body.
IMAG0119_1_1 by markwhensley, on Flickr
Costs too much. And I'm still stuck with center feed. The feed flexibility of the G-1M is my primary reason for wanting it. The straight lines are secondary. Rails are not really a consideration.
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