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I have a brother DCP-7065DN. I absolutely love it.

Its black and white, laser, and multi function. It even has a document feeder.

The promo toner cartridge that came with it printed 700 pages before it started to go. New cartriges are $60 for the standard yield which I think is the 1000 page. The high yield is something like 1700 pages for $75 last time I looked.

The drum is replaceable and comes out with the cartridge for changing. Haen't had to change it yet and don't expect to for a very long time.

If I come in in the morning and send a print job the first page comes out in under 10 seconds from a sleep start. I don't know hom many pages a minute it is but its fast.

$99 on sale, and it comes up somewhere for sale every other week it seems.

No more inkjets for me. Ever.

The only downside to this model is that it is USB or ethernet only. No wireless included.
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