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I like JC alot.. he does great work.. and life happens.. my patience has worn thin as well..but I also know he is a great guy and do not want to to be bitter towards him especially in the open forums.. He has some stuff of mine and another guy.. an EZ grip pump handle.. a sanchez mini pump guide rod.. a empire sniper pump handle.. plus the the 2 pump rods.. the project for my friend was to put the ez handle on the empire sniper.. and I wanted to have an ez handle plate made like the one from the empire sniper to make a quad rod pump.. my friend wants his EZ handle back.. which was his only part that he sent the rest is mine.. so while I know Jermey does great work.. and is slow.. I would just like to have the parts back so I can get the handle back to my friend and then think what I want to do with my project as well.. so hoping he reads this and gets in touch with me..I will pay for the items to be shipped back..
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