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Silver/Black S6 F/S/T! Bring T2's and 6.5's!

  1. We pay our own shipping unless otherwise stated in the deal.
  2. Don't lowball me, I know what my gear is worth.
  3. Post then PM please.
  4. I will do my best to describe any flaws, nicks, dents, etc.
  5. I will provide ample pics and a shooting video if need be.
  6. Thanks for looking!

**My gear is in working condition and will be shipped that way, anything that happens after I ship is no longer in my control and therefore I am no longer responsible for the item**

Today I have up my Gmax'd gloss silver/black S6, and I'm just looking to try out a half-blocked CCM. Full blocks are cool, but I'd just like to try something new. I'll consider T2's (quad rods pref), 6'5s, or $525. The gun itself if mechanically fine and shoots like a dream. I just put a new brass valve, pump rod spring, and AT assembly on the gun and it shoots +/- 3 all day long. The gun cosmetically has scratches, dings, and normal wear because of the chrome finish on the gun itself. It will come with the CP ASA/Rail, lever lock, along with the old valve and random springs.

I'm willing to add the Freak barrel and possibly full kit for the right trade.

****PRICE DROP TO $475*****
-T2 (I add $$)
-S6.5 (I add $$)

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