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Originally Posted by Chappy View Post
Surrender rules cause more fights than close quarters shots do. In my 20 years of paintballing , they are the #1 cause of on field drama, in my experience.
I completely agree with this. I have been playing around 18 years and have had some serious altercations revolving around the surrender "rule".

On one occasion at my old home field they have no surrender rules in buildings. I was in a crucial building on the field by myself trying to hold off around 20 attackers. It was surrounded by netting so i could see them approaching. One player attempted to charge up a ramp to get me, but it was slippery with paint. He ran up yelling surrender while at the same time falling on his face. I shot him once then quickly diverted my attention to the other attackers. Since he did not understand the rules he began cursing up a storm saying i was out and that I had to surrender. A ref had to get involved and escort him off.

In this case not only did he not understand that there was no surrendering in buildings, but he also did not understand what a surrender means. You can not surrender a player that knows exactly where you are and has the drop on you by simply running like a madman at them. When I play I try to use my best judgment on if a surrender is warranted. I like how at Viper Scenarios they have barrel tagging which is not optional and surrendering which is completely optional. If I get close enough to touch you with the barrel, you are simply out. Otherwise I will probably put one on your pack and go on my way.
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