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Originally Posted by Horizon View Post
In our surrender rule, you only need to aska player if they want to surrender if they don't know you are there.

Two players facing each other in opposing bunkers do not have to ask one another to surrender. However, at any point, either player can obviously call themselves out without being shot. That way, if someone doesn't want to get shot from close range, they can surrender on their own.

Asking for a surrender is for when you've closed the gap and the player is unaware of your presence.

Any other time, the option to surrender is always theirs, whether you ask or not is up to you.

I once wound up on opposing sides of a small building with another player, both of our teams were exchanging fire on either side of us, so if either of us advanced, we were going to get shot. I heard him shouting back to his team about covering him so he could get to ME, so I decided I was going to beat him to it. The field had a surrender rule in place, but I knew this was an experienced player, and not a walk-on, so I assumed (particularly after hearing his plot) that this would be a gentlemen's duel and would be taken in good sport.

Well, I went around the building (more like an enclosed trailer with the back door open, he was on the inside, I was on the outside), managed to clear the back end fast enough not to get picked off by his team, and put two shots into his chest/belly on the run before getting ANNIHILATED by the fire from his teammates. I put my hand up and started to walk off, and he's yelling the whole time about the surrender rule. I stopped, turned to him and asked him if he was serious... He was legitimately pissed off, even though he was about to do the same thing to me, and had I taken half a second to say surrender, he would have laughed as I got crushed by the incoming wave of paintballs from the rest of his team.

All this, after he took 2 shots from about 10 feet, and I took about 20 from anywhere from 30 to 80 feet away.

So I agree, surrender rules only ever cause more drama than they solve.
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