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Originally Posted by Brother Jerry View Post
So what I have been reading is that people feel that the surrender rule causes more pain than it is worth....more disagreements and everything else...and this is usually at rec games.

Which tells me a couple of things.
1) Field owners do not explain their rules clear enough for everyone to understand them.
2) Field owners do not train their refs well enough to mitigate conflicts and keep the experience flowing.

Keep in mind that most of the people that "use" surrender are either seasoned vets who are more than likely trying to take advantage of the rule. Or they are wannabe seasoned vets who are trying to get some glory out of the maneuver to brag about how they got 10 people out in one building without any ammo.

Your walk on renter may have heard about the rule...but often does not move enough to employ it and it may not have been explained well enough for them to know how to react to it when they hear it behind them.

People that respect the spirit of the "rule" and understand the concept behind it, know how to use it for it's intended purpose and typically do not create any conflicts when it they use it against others who also understand it.

Respect the "rule" at the field you are on and let the field owner know of any is simply a game and if you are out..then you are out. Walk away. If a renter shot you after you asked for them to surrender...walk away. Talk to them off the field and ask them if they understand the rule, educate them dont be condescending or mad about is a game.

The problem is most fields dont treat it as a "RULE" almost all fields i've gone to, at the safety thing at the beginning the explination is that you need to offer a surrender but the person can still turn around and shoot you, that's where the problem is.

It's when you get the one butt hurt person that gets snuck up on and wants to "go down with a fight" which I think is complete BS. This is a game, not war, by a person saying surrender it means "I have a completely easy and open shot on you, you are technically dead but i'm being nice and letting you walk away with an imiginary hit on your back"

The few fields I've gone to that had a surrender RULE which was if you're behind someone within 10 feet they are OUT, not given a chance to turn and shoot. Those seem to work out a lot better than the other ones.

One thing that also helps is instead of saying "surrender" I'll just say "bang you're dead" 9 out of 10 it'll work fine if you're completely behind the person. Also, saying "bang you're dead" instead of surrender seems to not scare walkon players as much since when you say surrender they technically can still be shot.

They need to just start calling it a "surrender suggestion"

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