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Have you ever...?

Today it hit me: I for the longest time have hated, HATED Shockers. With every ounce of my black atrophied heart. I was/am a SP hater. But, now suddenly, I own two SFT's and one NXT Shocker.

WTF, over?

My main stay barrel, a DW Fibur, requires Freak Inserts to function.

I really enjoy my Shockers because I never know if they are going to function from one day to the next.

(Bit of PB Wisdom "If it ends in '-ocker' and it is working; let it alone)

I love tinkering with them, I love looking for once expensive after market parts and building them into true beasts of the Field.

Seriously, how in the Nine Hells did I wind up with three Shockers?

OK, OK, OK, rant ends.

Now, has anyone else ever had this happen to them? They spent so long hating a gun or bit of gear, and suddenly they wind up having that gun or gear in their kit, and more over enjoy owning it?

Am I going insane or just getting old?
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