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SSC GOG Enemy Trigger Rockets - IN STOCK and ready to ship!

Finally finished off the first run!

I have 90 in stock and ready to ship.

These drop right into the GOG Enemy

They use a 4-40 Setscrew (included) for full adjustment

$15.00 + S&H

$2.50 USA
$5.00 International

Degas Marker
Unscrew regulator
Undo one side of the grip grame
Undo both of the frame screws
Undo the banjo fitting
*Frame should be free at this point*
Push the existing Rocket upwards, it will push through the hole and pop out
Insert SSC Enemy Rocket

Reassemble following same steps as above

Fine Tuning:
Use a .050" allen wrench
-Unscrew to shorten the stroke
-Screw in to lengthen the stroke


*pictures and final count once i get the setscrews installed!*

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