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CCM to Empire Spring Feed Adapter

SSC has finished the design, prototyping and creation of an adapter for all CCM Threaded Feednecks and Bodies.

This adapter will screw into the body or feedneck of any CCM and allow an Empire Sniper Spring Feed to be clamped onto the marker.

SSC has also modified CCI Feedgates to fit the Empire Spring Feed, to convert it into a rock and cock stick feed.

Adapters are made from 6061 Aluminum.
In Stock right now : 10 raw adapters, 55 Black Anodized adapters, 5 Modified CCI Feed Caps


RAW $15 + $2.50 S&H (10 ready to ship)
Black Anodizing $20 + $2.50 S&H (55 ready to ship)
Modified CCI Feed Cap $5 + $2.50 S&H (5 ready to ship)

*I do not have any Feeds for sale*


*Angel Threaded version in the near future as well*

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