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2008 Site Changes

Making a few changes today and moving forward. Trying to start fresh.

In the News, has been transformed to just "Paintball News". This will be for only paintball related hot topics, news, reports, etc.

Still only paid MCB Members can start a thread topic there.

General news will be posted in the general section from here on out please.

I'm also making an official "Carter's Commando" section. There will be eventual room for other contingents also.

That should be up later today.

I hucked.. is that a word? I hucked the "Field Trips" forum as the Events forum was working just fine for both.

Other suggestions can be thrown my way, but we're just trying to grow as little as possible and added only what and when something is needed...

Maybe a "Teams" section will be in the future, but not right now.

All I can think of right now... More to come when it crosses my mind.

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