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Cool find Monty, That really is a cool perspective.

I've been building a new rig for my high end Sony Camcorder (my original ZoomCam, it is a HDR-SR1) and I have a wide angle lens for it and wanted some "helicopter" type footage of our gameplay.

But, after pricing battery powered gyro copters, and seeing the weight limitations, as well as friends versions. I decided to make something that I can just carry. So I took my tree trimming telescoping tool, and took off the cutter, and bolted a home made camera mount to it, and I can hold it about 20 feet (or less) off the ground for some "high level" shots. I can't wait to use it at our first event and see how it does! I have found that higher than 20 feet and it is hard to see what is on the ground with a wide angle lens.
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