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GoW DM6 with uPgrades inside and out and everything thoroughly rebuilt

Sold Locally 8/22/13
Sold Locally 8/22/13
Sold Locally 8/22/13

I just put the finishing touches on this nice DM6, and it's ready to
go to a good home. It has a TechT L7 bolt upgrade, new detents
and new springs, new rake trigger, new trigger pin, new CP flow plug,
a rebuilt CP on/off ASA, a rebuilt LPR with new seat and o-rings, a
rebuilt HPR with new seat and o-rings, the solenoid has been serviced,
and all wires are properly run. I took some acrylic grip panels and made
kind of a Gears of War theme to them, and I'm also including the factory
grips and a new set of Hybrid grips. The Dye Hyper 2 HPR reg is all dust
black, with some red ribbon around it, then covered by a Hyper 3 rubber
grip cover for a nice blend of looks and function. I've matched this to
an Evil Pipe Kit with a 16" front, a 12" front, and four backs to choose
from in varying bore sizes. The board is fine, the eyes are fine, and this
is ready for many years of faithful service. I'm including a Dye Throttle
68cu/4500psi tank with this. It just came back from Dye after it sprung
a leak from the reg. They fixed it, but not before nicking the regulator
up a bit. Fortunately, the collar that got nicked-up is the same as one
that I have an extra of, so I'll include it so you can swap them and make
it look new again. I'm also including a little parts kit that has extra o-rings,
extra detents, detent springs, extra screws, etc. There are some nicks in
the body, and I took close-ups to show. Overall a really fantastic looker
and performer, and I doubt you'll find another one that has been gone
through so completely down to the tiniest o-ring.
$349 shipped for everything

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