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Its a little cheap feeling which was disappointing cause it has some really nice thought out features. It is all kind of on the plastic-y side, the wiring and connectors it came with were bottom barrel which is always a bad sign. Otherwise everything is still functioning as new. We have 2 speaker coolers that have seen some hard use. One is on its second summer, the other we just built this year. The other is a headless system I built for my truck using the same marine components. Its got about 7 months of use. The amps get really hot in all three. We had to bridge everything to get a moderate amount of sound out of it.

I just looked up that unit and it seems like it has a lot of nice features for the price. I personally would stick a regular head unit in and buy a regular GPS. When it comes to GPS's I prefer brands that have known good support. Having an out of date map is
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