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Loving it when a project comes together...

So recently picked up a 007 from a fellow member here, and made an order to ASP and Bacci.

As I got her (cleaned her up a bit)

Ordered a back bottle asa and spare body with brass feedneck that was welded on, this most likely will be getting sent to a airsmith here once we go over the fine details.

Picked up all new stainless hardware to replace all the rusted half stripped phillips screws

Cleaned up the body from Bacci a bit.

Here she is as of now.

Just waiting on parts from ASP
  • CCI Phantom Bolt
  • CCI Phantom Hammer
  • ASP Ported TPC Mod
  • Lapco #6 Powertube
  • Lapco Cupseals

Im usually always running into headaches with projects but this one just keeps going smooth. *knocks on wood*
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